About me

I'm Susi Edwards, a sought after Swelsh (Swiss/Welsh) pornstar

The One And Only SwissMature

Age 53
Birthday 02.06.1961
Height 168 cm
Weight                          59 kg
Schweiz / Welsh
Hair colour
Eye colour blue
Dress size       
10 / S
Bra size
85 C
Shoe size
Hobbies Hunde und Tierschutz
I like

High heels, sexy lingerie, Toys, Roleplays, Webcam, Dirty Talk and more


My lead is: Sex is live!

It makes me so horny to play infront of the webcam and enjoying a horny time with you. I've got a box full of toys to get me to a full orgasm. I also love roleplays such as secretary - boss, handyman - houswife, aunty - nephew....

The fantasies are without limits!

You can find me on webcam nearly every day also during weekends between 10am and 7pm. If my cam isn't on, you are welcome to send me a request by mail. You can also chat with me. I love sexy, horny drity talk.

My movies are of different quality but the are all 100% genuine- I've taken them at home, in the garden, at the beach, in the campervan or in the hotel room. My pics are also without tricks or airbrushing then I love to show myself as I am - hot, sexy  and horny!

Loads of my movies are also in english language. I produce them with different pornpartners or sometimes also with members of my club.

Perhaps you will the next pornstar?!
I do monthly porncastings in CH, D, AT and UK.

My films were produced at Basel, London, Bristol, Blackforest, Berlin, Frankfurt and Linz.

Become now a member of my club! New club members reiceive a FREE movie and more free treats. I can't wait to chat, cam and play with you.

 »*¯*«*»*¯*«,_)) ((_,»*¯*«*»*¯*«,_)) ((_,»*¯*«*»*¯*«

SwissMature - your Swelsh pornstar

»*¯*«*»*¯*«,_)) ((_,»*¯*«*»*¯*«,_)) ((_,»*¯*«*»*¯*«


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